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The International Exchange Square in C-cube at Chikushi Campus, Kyushu University (hereafter called “International Square”) is available for students, faculty members and staff in Chikushi campus after making reservations with the Student Affairs Division. Please comply with this “International Square Notes on Use” when you use the International Square.

Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis, and can be made by completing the following form or contacting the Student Affairs Division (092)583-7911.

  • 1. A reservation is needed before hosting any type of event or activity.

    2. Each user must pay extra attention for safety and cleanliness.

    3. Food is allowed.

    4. Pets are not allowed.

    5. Space capacities must be observed.

    6. Please make sure to clean the International Square after use. The hosting party or body must ensure the place’s cleanliness at the end of the event.

    7. The International Square is not responsible for any loss or damage to the private property of individuals or organizations using meeting facilities.

    8. Deliberate misused of for damage to the International Square or equipment may result in billing the user for damages and/or refusing any further requests for meeting room use.

    9. Educational and cultural programs or events hosted by Kyushu University take precedence over any other use of the space. We may cancel a reservation or change reservation assignments for Kyushu University and IGSES (Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering and Sciences) related business.

    Adopted: 10/01/2015


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