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Doctoral Thesis Submission Guidelines

Please submit your thesis after reading through the procedure for the thesis submission and thesis review.For details, please check the List of Required Documents for Thesis Submissions below.

The schedule for the thesis review for FY 2022 is as follows.

【Doctoral Degree by Coursework (甲)】
Applicant must meet the conditions indicated below.

- Enrolled in the doctoral course for at least 2 years.
- Completed the prescribed number of credits.
- Received necessary research guidance.

Applicant who made a remarkable academic performance may shorten the period of enrollment and submit the thesis.
In addition, applicant who submit the thesis and passed screening and examination within 3 years after withdrawing with credit completion are conferred this doctoral degree.

【Doctoral Degree by Thesis Only (乙)】
Person who passed the thesis screening of IGSES and recognized as having enough academic ability such as follows. In addition, the person shall not fall under above doctoral degree.

- Person who has at least 4 years of the research history after completed
  the master course of the graduate school.
- Person who has at least 7 years of the research history after graduated
  from the university.
- Person other than mentioned above and has at least 10 years of
  the research history.

【List of Required Documents for Thesis Submission】
Please download and complete the necessary documents in Word file and submit to the Student Affairs Section.

<Thesis Submission Forms>

Download all
(Doctoral Degree by Coursework)
Download all
(Doctoral Degree by Thesis Only)

1)Doctoral Degree by Coursework Procedure and Instruction
  Doctoral Degree by Coursework Forms


4)Doctoral Degree by Thesis Only Procedure and Instruction
  Doctoral Degree by Thesis Only Forms



Commencement Ceremony


Thursday, September 22, 2022


Monday, March 20, 2023



The method of issuing various certificates changed from April 2020.
Applicants should refer to the following URL.
Kyushu University HP:

Student Affairs Section in the Student Affairs Division Chikushi Campus, Kyushu University
6-1 Kasuga koen
Kasuga City, Fukuoka 816-8580
TEL: 092-583-7512

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