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"I had fallen in love with Fukuoka within weeks of arriving."

Name: John Duckworth

Country/region: Britain

Enrolled Date: September 2015

Department :Molecular and Material Sciences

Doctoral degree supervisor :

Assoc. Prof. Mitsugu Todo


Green Asia has allowed me to live and work in Japan in a field I chose, an opportunity I never expected to be given! Their emphasis on the importance of ecology and economics during the course of the PhD program is especially appealing to me too, as I intend to work in industry after graduation and consider these to be important, but underappreciated aspects of being an engineer.

Having the program based in Fukuoka has been a real blessing too. I had never heard of Fukuoka before I came here, but within weeks of arriving, I had fallen in love with the place. Rent is cheap, the food is phenomenal, beaches and mountains are a short train ride away, and the city’s small size means you can easily form communities and meet people. I would recommend it to anyone!

"Why not to choose a counrty which is truly interesting?"

Name: František Mikšík

Country/region: Czech Republic

Enrolled Date: October 2016

Department : Energy and Environmental Engineering

Doctoral degree supervisor :

Prof. Miyazaki Takahiko


For most of the students to study abroad is a substantial challenge and with this idea on my mind I was trying to decide where to go for my postgraduate studies. And then I thought, if it is going to be a challenge anyway, why not to choose a country which is truly interesting? And the decision came to Japan. From the perspective of European person, Japan is fairly crazy, with all the manga, anime and cosplay (and not only that, trust me), but also with very high standards of education and superior technological advancement.

It is hard to admit but choosing IGSES and Kyushu University was just a lucky hit on my side as several other options were also available and gradually I realized how lucky my selection actually was. People, city my new laboratory, everyone and everything was and still is amazing. If I miss the language barrier, Japanese people are amazingly helpful and kind, though a bit shy. So please, don’t push them, it takes time to get their trust.

Studying abroad takes a lot of courage and commitment and I not everyone can take it being so far from their friends and family. It was hard for me too, but the amazing people and environment created here in IGSES helped me to overcome most of my homesickness.

Wojciech Jacek Klich

Country/region: Poland

Enrolled Date: October 2017

Department : Applied Science for Electronics and Materials

Doctoral degree supervisor :

Prof. Michitaka Ohtaki


First thought I would like to share here is that I am deeply grateful towards people of Japan for providing such marvelous opportunity. Professor Ohtaki is a great mentor, always ready to help and provide valuable insight into my research. Quality and availability of high class scientific instruments is invaluable to swift research progress. MEXT stipend that is part of IEI program is more than enough for living and allows to fully focus on research. Thanks to the Japanese language classes provided by university, I was prepared just after one semester to strike a conversation and use spoken language in daily situations. Even though I have not participated in any Japanese class before arrival. I hope my research work will bear fruit that could benefit all people. Fukuoka is great place to live and work.

"Kyushu University has provided and provides all the necessary support in both student’s and daily life to feel at ease."

Name: Denis Mashkovtsev

Country/region: Russia

Enrolled Date: October 2017

Department : Molecular and Material Sciences

Doctoral degree supervisor :

Prof. Yuriko Aoki


Year ago I had not even thought that I will study in Japan, until I got the opportunity to receive a MEXT scholarship. This is enough for everyday needs, therefore one can concentrate completely on study and research. Despite all anxieties about the relocation, Japan greeted me kindly. Fears disappeared at the airport, where I was met by university staff and led to a new home. In further, Kyushu University has provided and provides all the necessary support in both student’s and daily life to feel at ease. Generally, it turned out that the Japanese are very amiable and always ready to help - I have never felt like a stranger here. Besides, the nature of Fukuoka contributes to a comfortable life - the city is calm and does not make you live in a constant hurry, but it keeps a lot of stories and interesting places.

After all, I have never regretted that I came here and would recommend you to do the same.

Drakhnia Oleksii

Country/region: Ukraine

Enrolled Date: October 2016

Department : Energy and Environmental Engineering

Doctoral degree supervisor :

Prof. Takahiko Miyazaki


In October 2016, I joined Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences as a PhD student on Intellectual Exchange and Innovation (IEI) Program supported by MEXT scholarship.

Studying at Kyushu University is an incredible experience, experienced and reliable professors, high quality of teaching, friendly environment. There are a lot of events at the campus, providing an opportunity for international exchange.
The staff at International Student Support Center is very supportive in solving both academic and daily life issues.

Fukuoka is a lovely city, comfortable to live and interesting to explore.
I am enjoying my life in Japan, study at Kyushu University and strongly recommend you to join the IGSES.

Kyushu University


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