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✔Estimation of Various Cost

These tables give an indication of the fees and living expenses for an international graduate student. They are a rough approximation only and the living expenses will vary on a case by case basis.

The categories describing phone bills, utilities, home and internet, apartment rental, food and drink, travel, commuting and return home trip are purely an estimation only and depend greatly on the personal situation and lifestyle of the student in question. We assume no responsibility for such personal expenses and they are provided as a guide and for your convenience only.

  • Issues relating to the tuition fees, income tax, city tax, government health insurance, and the KU supplementary allowance are handled by the “International Student and Researcher Support Center” of Kyushu University and therefore all questions regarding these issues should be directed to them. Please check this website for details . If you have any specific questions regarding the financial matters discussed on this page please don’t hesitate to send an email to


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