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Alicia María Murga Aquino Enrolled Date: 2013 (El Salvador)


Department : Energy and Environmental Engineering

Doctoral degree supervisor :

Prof. Kazuhide Ito


I have been living in Kasuga City for eight months now; for six months I have studied in Chikushi Campus and I couldn’t be happier with my current status in Japan. I have found plenty of people (foreigners and Japanese) who are willing to guide me in my student life, making it a gratifying experience. Classes are interesting, allowing me to give my very best; teachers are reliable and experienced and the environment in my lab is quiet and cozy. Every morning I come to university with new expectations, attend my classes and do my lab work with the knowledge that I am in a safe place that allows me to improve personally and professionally. As for Kasuga, the city is a beautiful and quiet place balanced between relaxing and modern places that can be enjoyed during recreational times.

As a foreigner student in Chikushi Campus I can only say that I relish every second of my Campus life and look forward to my everyday adventure. I invite you all to share my experience in Japan at Kyushu University and hope to see you soon at Chikushi Campus.

Kyushu University


九州大学 工学部 融合基礎工学科



Collaborative Graduate School Program for Global Human Resources Development in Energy and Environmental Science and Technology


Joint Journal of Novel Carbon Resource Sciences and Green Asia Strategy


Annual International Exchange and Innovation Conference on Engineering & Sciences