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Country/region: Egypt

Enrolled Date: October 2016

Department : Applied Science for Electronics and Materials

Doctoral degree supervisor :

Prof. Kiichi Hamamoto


Building my career at Kyushu University enriched my perception and way of thinking. It has widened my perspective and has given me up to date ideas of the importance of engineering and science in today’s day and age. In IGSES, the faculties and staff members are very helpful and are always present to clear our doubts and to help us with our life issues in during our stay. The relationship between faculties and students is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest and broaden my perspective of how things work and their significance. There is a small international community made up of various nationalities, but is strong and active with regular and different activities and trips throughout the years around Kyushu. I’m currently a member of KIISA, a student body association collaborating between Japanese and international students to promote cultural and community activities.

"I am convinced that the advanced research facilities will enable me to develop expertise and boost the quality of my research..."

Name: Ibrahim M. A. Maamoun

Country/region: Egypt

Enrolled Date: October 2016

Department : Energy and Environmental Engineering

Doctoral degree supervisor :

Assoc. Prof. Osama Eljamal

During my undergraduate study on Civil Engineering at Al-Azhar University in Egypt, I developed a particular interest in the field of water resources science and water treatment applications. I have always believed that I have the required motivation and qualification to continue my higher graduate studies in Japan as one of the most advanced countries in the scientific research. Hence, on October 2016, I succeeded to get enrolled in Green Asia Graduate Program for Master and PhD on Environmental Engineering in Kyushu University where all of my motives will be harnessed to acquire a new knowledge and gain more experience in this research field. I am convinced that the advanced research facilities provided in Kyushu University as one of the elite universities in Japan, will enable me to develop expertise and boost the quality of my research in order to accomplish my career aims.

"I am so grateful to my renowned supervisor..."

Name: Amr Halawa

Country/region: Egypt

Enrolled Date: October 2015

Department : Earth System Science and Technology

Doctoral degree supervisor :

Prof. Shigeo Yoshida


I was passionate about the Japanese culture since I was in Egypt and was very keen to visit Japan someday. Then my dream came to reality when I successfully got the MEXT scholarship and joined IGSES at Kyushu University, in October 2015 as a PhD student in the Wind Energy field. From the research perspective, I am so grateful to have been supervised by such a renowned professor who spared no effort in supporting me and guiding me throughout my research. He supported me alongside IGSES in presenting our work in overseas conferences and domestic ones. Besides, I gained a lot of experience from various workshops and internships. Furthermore, the student support center staff played a crucial role in making our student life smoother and solving any problems we faced.

For the social life in Fukuoka, the language was quite challenging in the beginning, yet after a short time it gets easier after joining many cultural exchange events organized by IGSES student activity, KIISA and the local community centers. I made many friends from around the world and had much fun time. Fukuoka is a beautiful and lively city. What I like best about it is being less crowded compared to Tokyo or Osaka. Moreover, I am really impressed by how polite and respectful the Japanese people are. It is so wonderful to be welcomed everywhere with such a beautiful smile. Additionally, the four seasons can be witnessed in Fukuoka and the nature is so charming. Do not hesitate to join IGSES and have an unforgettable life-changing experience like mine ;)

Ahmed M.E. Khalil Enrolled Date: October 2014 (Egypt)


Department : Earth System Science and Technology

Doctoral degree supervisor :

Assoc. Prof. Osama Eljamal


During my interview, at the early stages for acquiring my doctoral course admission, I was asked by the head of my hosting laboratory about why I chose Japan in particular. I admitted then I admired Japanese lifestyle and culture. I did not know at that time that my spectacular experience in japan would turn out to be a crucial milestone in my life. On the soil of the land of the rising sun, I felt what is beyond admiration. The seventh most livable city of the world, Fukuoka, stunned me by its cleanliness, order, lush green parks, charming landscapes, luxurious locations and convenient services. Regarding the Japanese people, they are well-mannered, benevolent and very helpful. As the proverb states, “The first impression lasts forever,” and these were my beautiful first moments in Japan before my official enrollment in the first batch of IEI program at IGSES, Chikushi Campus, Kyushu University, in October 2014.
I conducted my Ph.D. research studies at the Environmental Fluid Science Laboratory where I spent most of my weekday daily time there as if it was my household with my lab members like family. The commitment, daily discussions, weekly meetings and regular presentations were very important features strictly executed by my supervisor and my laboratory head. In turn, I benefited from this workaholic attitude by contributing significantly to my track record of publications.
Dear esteemed reader, do not miss the opportunity for boosting your research career at Kyushu University, one of the top-ranked universities in Japan and top hundred universities in the world in all fields. As for me, I feel nostalgia for the good old days. I am longing to meet my professors and lab mates again. I am attempting to perform my postdoctoral studies there. How about you?

Abdelmomen Mahgoub Enrolled Date: October 2011 (Egypt)


Department : Applied Science for Electronics and Materials

Doctoral degree supervisor :

Prof. Ichiro Sasada


Back at my home country, it was a very difficult decision for me to continue my PhD in Japan. I was worried if I could handle a life in a very different country with a language I could hardly speak or read. But after my first 3 months my ultimate opinion is that this is an unforgettable experience.
Upon arriving at Fukuoka I was met by members from the support center at the airport and taken to my dorm where I was to spend the next 6 months. Once I was situated, there were so many things to do such as getting your alien registration card, bank account set up, and your cell phone. Each student is assigned a tutor and they really go all out to make sure you have everything you needed for your stay in Fukuoka.
Studying at Kyushu University has been a great learning experience. Working at the frontier of technology and science is very challenging and provide me with a great chance to learn and to have the knowledge and experience required to continue my career in any position I want to apply for. Kyushu University and its staff provide a research friendly environment in which a continuous guidance, proper facilities and tools are available for students.
People here are very friendly, smiley, and helpful. And they have great respect and understanding to others culture. Professors are great and have a wealth of knowledge. Enjoy you stay. It is an unforgettable learning experience.

Dr. Ibrahim I. El-Sharkawy Ph.D. 2006 (Egypt)

・Associate Professor, Mansoura University, Egypt

Department : Energy and Environmental Engineering

Doctoral degree supervisor :

Prof. Shigeru Koyama, Prof. Bidyut Baran Saha


I joined Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering and Sciences as a Ph.D. candidate in 2003. It was the first time for me to visit Japan and to get in touch with Japanese culture. The courtesy and kindness of Japanese people impressed me greatly. I and my family really enjoyed our stay at lovely city, Fukuoka.
It was an exciting experience with Japanese culture, food and lifestyle.

Right after graduation in 2006, I joined Kyushu University once again as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow under Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). It was amazing to work with the same research group and to enjoy the beauty of Japan.

I believe that Kyushu University is one of the most wonderful and great places to conduct your postgraduate study. It is a great opportunity to meet people from all around the world and get in though with different cultures, and to share your ideas and experience. Here, you will find professional and helpful supervisors, unlimited support from technical staff and students as well.

Dr. Shaban Mahmoud Ph.D. 2009 (Egypt)

・Assistant Professor at Aswan University, Egypt

Department : Applied Science for Electronics and Materials

Doctoral degree supervisor :

Assoc. Prof. Tsuyoshi Yoshitake


Since the first day of my enrollment to the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences (IGSES), I found a very excellent environment for education and research. As a foreigner, I received an intensive support and kind help form the IGSES staff, my Japanese colleagues, and my supervisors. The graduate school appointed a tutor for me who helped me in filling forms, selecting housing, enrolment of my kids to kindergarten, and many other things. The IGSES also prepared special Japanese language courses for beginners, which helped me to cope with some daily life situations especially outside the university. Inside my laboratory, I learned so many advanced techniques and skills, including theoretical and experimental research. I did all my research and study in English language. I received a high quality education and could do an excellent scientific research. With a great help and continuous support from the IGSES academic staff and my supervisor, I was able to publish several papers and articles in high impact journals even in the first year of my enrollment. The IGSES and the laboratory also provided me with sufficient funding to travel inside and outside Japan to attend local and international conferences. Moreover, the IGSES facilitated printing of several copies of my thesis. Actually, I enjoyed my stay and study in the IGSES and finally I graduated on time. Studying in the IGSES has really inspired my future ambitions.

"Japanese culture, the kind, cooperative, polite, hardworking and successful society"

Name: Yemanebirhan Tadesse Abirham

Country/region: Ethiopia

Enrolled Date: April 2017

Department : Energy and Environmental Engineering

Supervisor : Prof. Takahiko Miyazaki


I came from Ethiopia to Japan in April,2017 to pursue my postgraduate study with a full funding support from Japanese government, scholarship, MEXT. Currently I am studying my Master’s Degree in Energy and Environmental Engineering Department with a research in solar thermal systems. Even though I am on the early stage of my study, I can say this has been a remarkable time of my life that enabled me to learn and get experience from very experienced, high ranking and influential professors and researchers. The International Student Center and the University community in general have been so cooperative and helpful in my study so far.

Besides to education and technology, I have been so impressed and admired the good Japanese Culture which, as I think, is the core for the kind, cooperative, polite, hardworking and successful society. The good care for the environment and nature is also an honorable mention.


"If I was given a chance to re-apply, I would choose Kyushu University over and over again."

Name: Relebohile Mokete

Country/region: Lesotho

Enrolled Date: April 2017

Department : Earth System Science and Technology

Supervisor : Assoc. Prof. Osama Eljamal


Uncertain of what to expect, I arrived in Japan during the 2017 spring season where I had a welcoming encounter of the cool yet enjoyable spring breeze. It was not only the Kyushu University – Chikushi campus that was a home away from home but also the Fukuoka prefecture at large. In spite of the fact that majority of my laboratory colleagues are internationals, I have been fortunate to be among a few African students based in Chikushi campus and the only lady in the midst of male counterparts. Note worthily, of all the new friends I managed to make at Chikushi campus, support center was the most prominent of all due to its role of assisting international students on either academic or general matters of concern. The uniqueness of Japan in particular is the fact that it wholeheartedly accommodates and nurtures people of all backgrounds hence why ‘astonishing ahead abroad’ is the most befitting description of Japan. It is only in Japan where any citizen would feel 100% safe and free when walking during the day or at night to or from any respective location. Besides, the heart-warming greetings I receive daily from the Japanese people on my way to school or anywhere in Japan always make me feel like even the mother nature I come across smiles and says ‘hello’. If I was given a chance to re-apply, I would choose Kyushu university hence Japan over and over again.

"My experience here has shaped my life in ways I could never have imagined."


Country/region: Kenia

Enrolled Date: September 2014

Department : Molecular and Material Sciences

Supervisor : Assoc. Prof. Arihiro Kano


I joined Kyushu university, Chikushi campus, in the year 2014 to study cancer immunology. In the course of the three years I learnt a lot in terms of research as well as Japanese culture. I was enrolled in Intellectual Exchange (IEI) Program which was fully funded by the Japanese government. Although the journey had its own challenges, the experience was great and I was able to finish my studies with the stipulated time. At the campus, the staff at the international student support center are very supportive with both academic, as well as daily life issues, and professors are knowledgeable enough to guide the students through their studies. In addition, the professors here have a keen eye for details and their dedication to research is overwhelming and these are some of the skills I will take home. By interacting with other international students through KIISA, which is an international student association in Chikushi campus, I was also able to experience cultures from other countries. Being the only Kenia in the campus, KIISA gave me an environment where I could interact with others freely and made me feel at home.

My experience here has shaped my life in ways I could never have imagined. I am grateful for the opportunity and I am sure new students will feel the same. It is with no doubt that Kyushu University is one of the great universities and studying in Kyushu university will be a great plus to one’s career.

Kyushu University


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