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Master/Doctor unified Program

✔Program Outline

Degrees awarded:

▶ Master of Engineering/ Master of Science/ Master of Philosophy
▶ Doctor of Engineering/ Doctor of Science/ Doctor of Philosophy

・Duration: 5 years
・Enrollment: October 1st
・Course taught in English

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✔Rationale and Key Characteristics

Ours is a world of increasing interdependence. In such a climate, it is essential that nations join together in the resolve to tackle the great issues and challenges which have the potential to undermine our collective future prosperity. Environmental issues have recently come to the fore as one of these principal challenges. The relentless increase in world population, especially in Asia and Africa has greatly amplified global energy demands, as developing countries strive to reach parity with the living standards of the developed world. Achieving sustainable economic expansion therefore is crucial in order to avoid massive environmental repercussions and associated health complications. As one of the first economically and technologically developed Asian nations, Japan has a unique opportunity to encourage and guide the wider sustainable growth of the region by scientific collaboration and innovation.

The Green Asia program aims to encourage the development of leaders in the field of environmental science and technology through academic excellence. Such individuals should have a global vision and be politically aware, enabling them to perform proficiently in both Industry and Academia. This program provides an exceptional opportunity for students to combine both an MSc and Ph.D. into one qualification, and a five year period of study. Through the strong support of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), we can offer the prestigious opportunity to 20 academically excellent and socially aware students each year. Half of these students being from Japan and half from potentially any nation in the world. This elite group are brought together in a unique learning environment, where they are exposed to a range of stimulating subjects, lecture courses, guest speakers and overseas / domestic excursions. By facilitating a close interaction and comradeship between the two groups we hope to encourage all the students to develop an understanding of the key issues and to form lifelong bonds of association and friendship thus stimulating future cooperation with Japan and the their home nations.


Kyushu University


九州大学 工学部 融合基礎工学科



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