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Developed Economy with an Advanced Science and Technology Sector

Japan currently has the world’s third largest economy after the USA and China, having achieved rapid growth in the 2nd half of the 20th century largely due to its highly successful car and consumer electronics industries.
*picture[ Momochi-hama, Fukuoka (provided by Fukuoka City) ]

Beautiful and Diverse Landscapes

Japan is a long archipelago stretching from the northeast to the southwest  separated from mainland China and Korea by the Sea of Japan.

Japan itself spans a vast arc of approximately 2,900 km, however is only some 403 km wide at its broadest point.

Four main islands make up Japan, these are Honshu, Hokkaido, Shikoku and Kyushu, also there are approximately 6,000 smaller uninhabited islands surrounding the coastlines.

Vast climatic variations occur between the main four islands, with Hokkaido in the north being subarctic, while Kyushu is subtropical.
*picture[Provided by Fukuoka City ]


Safe, Clean and Organized Society

By many international standards Japan is one of the safest places to live on Earth. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Japan consistently ranks amongst the lowest of all the OECD nations for various categories of serious crime.
*picture[Provided by Fukuoka City ]

Despite being inherently shy, Japanese people generally have a very positive view of foreigners and so will often go out of their way to assist if they notice a foreigner in distress. Furthermore there are many special deals exclusively for foreigners such as discounted regional rail passes and plane tickets.


Fusion of Traditional and Modern Culture

Japanese goods and cultural products are known the world over, the most famous including animated movies (anime), computer games, cars, semiconductors, management techniques and martial arts. Japan is a place where tradition and modernity is able to exist in parallel not in contradiction. As an island nation with very few natural resources, Japan’s 127 million people are its greatest asset.

In choosing Japan as the destination for your graduate studies you will have the opportunity to experience this unique and innovative culture as well as undertake cutting edge research in a world class institute.
*picture[ Tochoji Temple in Hakata, Japan (Provided by Fukuoka City) ]

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