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CSS-EEST: Cross Straits Symposium on Energy and
Environmental Science and Technology

1998年,大学院総合理工学研究科(当時.2000年4月から大学院総合理工学府)は「英語による, 物質,エネルギー,環境を融合した研究発表」を通じての学生交流の場を設けることを釜山国立大学校 (PNU: Pusan National University),浦項工科大学校(POSTECH: Pohang University of Science and Technology)の両校に提案しました.PNUは大学間交流校,POSTECHは総理工と部局間交流校(当時 .2001年度に大学間交流校となる)として長い交流実績があった点,なによりも福岡から地理的に近く 往来が容易である点が大きな要因でした.また,「物質・エネルギー・環境」を研究・教育の三本柱と する総理工にとって,その再編成(2000年4月)の理念「深,広,統」の具象化でもあります.  第1回から第13回までは、九州と対馬,対馬と韓国の二つの海峡を挟んで友好を深める意味をこめて Cross Straits Symposium on Materials, Energy and Environmental Sciences(CSS)として,第14回か らは,九州大学総合理工学府,釜山国立大学校,上海交通大学(SJTU: Shanghai Jiao Tong University)の参加のもと,Cross Straits Symposium on Energy and Environmental Science and Technology(CSS-EEST)として実積を重ねて来ています.第23回からは,マレーシア工科大学(UTM: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)が参加し,4つの大学の理工系分野の相互交流の場となっています.

In 1998, our graduate school (*1, hereafter IGSES) proposed to the Pusan National University (PNU) and the Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) that a forum for students to interact with one another by “presenting research that integrates materials, energy and the environment in English” be established. The two schools, PNU and POSTECH, were chosen because of their long- standing relationship (*2) with IGSES and relative proximity to Fukuoka. As IGSES bases its research and education on the three pillars of “Materials, Energy and Environment”, establishing the forum was the incarnation of its ethos of “Profound, Broad and Integrated”. The first Cross Straits Symposium on Materials, Energy and Environmental Sciences (CSS), so named to convey our desire to deepen friendship across the straits between Kyushu / Tsushima and Tsushima / South Korea, was held in November 1999, at the Chikushi Campus under the sponsorship of IGSES. The subsequent symposiums were organized and held by each of respective schools on a rotation basis. In 2013, the symposium series evolved into the Cross Straits Symposium on Energy and Environmental Science and Technology (CSS-EEST) with participation from three countries, IGSES (Japan), PNU (Korea), and SJTU (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, PRC) (*3). In 2022, UTM (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) joined the program as a new participant.

*1: The Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Engineering Sciences Research Department, Kyushu University (before March 2000)/ The Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences (IGSES), Kyushu University (after April 2000).

*2: PNU as an intercollegiate exchange school and POSTECH is an interdepartmental exchange school. Since 2001, POSTECH has been an intercollegiate exchange school as well.

*3: Kyushu University, PNU, and SJTU are members of the Collaborative Graduate School Program for Global Human Resources Development in Energy and Environmental Science and Technology (the CAMPUS Asia EEST program).


November 20th – 22nd, 2023 (Kyushu University)
25 th CSS-EEST


過去のシンポジウム / Previous symposium

24 2022.12.1 - 2 Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Online)
23 2021.12.2 - 3 Pusan National University (Online)
22 2020.12.2 - 3 Kyushu University (Online)
21 2019.11.24-11.26 Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ. (CHINA)
20 2018.11.26-11.28 Pusan National Univ. (KOREA)
19 2017.11.29-12.1 Kyushu Univ. (JAPAN)
18 2016.12.4-6 Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ. (CHINA)
17 2015.12.2-3 Kyushu Univ.(JAPAN)
16 2014.11.13-15 Pusan National Univ. (KOREA)
15 2013.11.25-27 Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ. (CHINA)
14 2013.2.18-19 Kyushu Univ. (JAPAN)
13 2011.11.23-24 Kyushu Univ. (JAPAN)
12 2010.11.17-18 POSTECH (KOREA)
11 2009.11.12-13 Pusan National Univ. (KOREA)
10 2008.11.13-14 Kyushu Univ. (JAPAN)
9 2007.11.21-22 POSTECH (KOREA)
8 2006.11.9-10 Pusan National Univ. (KOREA)
7 2005.12.1-2 Kyushu Univ. (JAPAN)
6 2004.11.18-19 POSTECH (KOREA)
5 2003.10.30-31 Pusan National Univ. (KOREA)
4 2002.11.7-8 Kyushu Univ. (JAPAN)
3 2001.11.15-16 POSTECH (KOREA)
2 2000.11.2-3 Pusan National Univ. (KOREA)
1 1999.11.1-2 Kyushu Univ. (JAPAN)



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キャンパスアジア EEST



Joint Journal of Novel Carbon Resource Sciences and Green Asia Strategy


Annual International Exchange and Innovation Conference on Engineering & Sciences